Mandy is our Records System Coordinator as well as being an all-round customer service superstar. If you have emailed us over the last few years, chances are that Mandy has provided you with a swift and friendly response.

Mandy packs more into a day than most so here a 10 things you probably didn't know about Mandy

1. Keen homebrewer and knows more about beer than most.

2. A member of the South Australian Brewing Club and rubs shoulders with Adelaide's best craft brewers!

3. Bakes and decorates some serious cakes for weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.  She usually regrets saying yes to doing it but secretly loves it when they turn out well.

4. Generally makes sweet treats for the office for no special reason - Thank you!

5. Changes her email signature when you aren't looking. Notable ones have been:

  • Bringer of snacks
  • First Aid Supplies Coordinator
  • Social Club Coordinator
  • Friday Snacks Coordinator
  • Lunch Coordinator
  • Survival Support Team
  • Biggest Morning Tea Coordinator

6. Is a bit of a muso and gets out to gigs whenever she can

7. Is a Marvel Superhero fan girl

8. Takes care of the portable long service leave social club

9. Is our first aider and chief warden

10. And mum too!

Mandy is sharing a recipe for a simple all-extract American Pale Ale recipe you may want to try over Christmas

Recipe Specifications

Batch Size: 23.00 L


  • 1.50 kg Coopers Liquid Light Extract (3.5 EBC) Extract 50.00 %
  • 1.50 kg Coopers Liquid Wheat Malt Extract (4.2 EBC) Extract 50.00 %
  • 10 gm Galaxy (20 min) Hops
  • 15 gm Galaxy (10 min) Hops
  • 20 gm Galaxy (0 min) Hops
  • 1 Pkgs American Ale US05 Yeast-Ale  

Bring 4L of water and approximately 520g of the light extract to the boil. Add 10g Galaxy hops, after 10 minutes add another 15g Galaxy hops, after another 10 minutes take off the heat and add the final 20g Galaxy Hops

While this is boiling add a few litres of water to the fermenter and then the rest of the malt extract, stir thoroughly. Cool the pot in a sink of cold water and then add to the fermenter. Top up to 23L. Pitch the yeast and ferment at 18C. Prime with 1 tsp white sugar per 375ml bottle. 

Recipe credit to Earle of Toowoomba