Privacy Policy

We have developed a Privacy Policy to ensure clients have knowledge of, and confidence in, what information is collected and how it is used, secured and disclosed.

We have implemented an internal framework which balances the rights and interests of clients with the need to acquire and retain information necessary for the effective administration of the portable long service leave scheme.

Why is information collected and kept?

We collect and retain information from employers and workers, as required by the Construction Industry Long Service Leave Act 1987, to determine a worker’s eligibility and entitlement to portable long service leave in the construction industry.

What information is kept?

Workers, Self-Employed Contractors and Working Directors

Our database includes personal information such as;

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Postal address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email address
  • Industry occupation
  • Records of employment history within the construction industry (number of service days recorded, wage information and long service leave entitlements)
  • Records of contact with us
  • Records of financial transactions (self employed contractors and working directors)


Our database includes information such as;

  • Business and trading names
  • Postal and business addresses
  • Australian Business Number
  • Primary business
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email address
  • Names of contact persons
  • Data submitted on Employer Returns
  • Details of all financial transactions
  • Records of contact

How long is information kept?

Records are kept indefinitely as the scheme provides for itinerant work patterns. Workers often return to the industry after leaving and may add to their previous long service leave entitlement.

Who may access records?

Workers, Self-Employed Contractors and Working Directors

Workers are able to access their own personal information recorded by us. This includes their accrued entitlements and information supplied by employers through the lodgement of employer returns.


Employers can access their own personal data, historical returns data, financial transactions and their current employees service accrual and entitlements.

Employers can be told whether an employee is registered and be provided with their worker registration number.

Portable Long Service Leave Staff

In the pursuit of their duties in administering the scheme, authorised staff may access records of employers and workers.

Interstate Schemes

A National Reciprocal Agreement operates between schemes in all States and Territories of Australia that allows for the combining of service entitlements. Upon the request or authorisation of the worker, service details can be provided to an interstate scheme.

Other parties

We will not provide information to third parties unless it is required by law, for example mandatory reporting obligations to the Australian Taxation Office, Child Support Agency or Centrelink.

Information that is aggregated and does not therefore identify an individual, may be released for reporting purposes, for example the annual report, actuarial review and statistical reports.

How can records be accessed?

There are several ways in which personal data held by us may be accessed.

Personal records can be accessed through the internet, telephone, email or attendance at our office. Proof of identity will be required.

Internet access is facilitated through a registration number and password.

Website Privacy

No personal information of clients is recorded when accessing the website for information purposes only.

Workers can log into our website (using their worker registration number and password) and update their contact details. This information is recorded in the Board’s database.

Employers can log in to the Board’s website (using their employer registration number and password) and update their contact details and submit Employer Returns. This information is recorded in our database.