Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to payments made. Payments are accepted by BPAY, EFT, Credit card.

About your payments

  1. We do not accept American Express cards.
  2. We do not accept Diners cards.
  3. You will get a reference number for your transaction.

Make sure you get the details right

When paying online or by phone, make sure you:

  • Enter the right Employer Number information.
  • Enter the right invoice number.

If you make a mistake, your invoice might not be paid.

Processing times

If you pay before 5 pm Monday to Thursday, your payment will be on your account within 24 hours.

If you pay after 5 pm Monday to Thursday, it can take up to 48 hours for your payment to show on your account.

If you pay on a Friday your payment will show on your account the following Monday.

Your payment can still be declined – and we won't know about it

The transaction you make might still be stopped by your bank. This is why your payment reference number is not a payment confirmation.

If your payment does not go through, you must contact your bank to find out why. We won't know if this happens, so we won't be able to tell you.

Making a mistake during payment

In the case where you make a mistake when paying your PLSL invoice, we can:

  • Give you a refund.
  • Transfer the money to another account.
  • Leave the money in credit on your account.

The action we take depends on what sort of mistake it is.

In the case where you make a typo and the payment goes through, we will need to trace it.

You will need to give us proof of payment, such as a bank statement, to start this process.

Refunds take five working days to process

Any refunds you are owed will be issued by either EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or reversal of a credit card payment, depending on how the original payment was made.

Refunds can take up to five business days to process with a response being sent via post or email, depending on the information provided at the time of requesting the refund, and the preferred method chosen to receive the refund.

The total time it takes for you to receive your money also includes things we cannot control such as delays in bank processing.

Privacy Policy

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