Breaks from the industry

You can take an extended break from the industry without losing your long service leave entitlement.

If you decide to take a break from building, electrical or metal work, it's important to take note of the below timeframes. If you are not registered within the applicable period, the service days you have accrued will be cancelled. This means if you return to the industry at a later date, you will commence recording service days from 0. 

Number of service days accruedTimeframe
Less than 1,300 (equivalent to 5 years full time employment)2 years
More than 1,300 but less than 1,820 (equivalent to 7 years full time employment)3 years
More than 1,820 (equivalent to 7 years full time employment)No time limit (if you have accrued 1,820 service days you are eligible to claim a pro-rata payment)

Still working in the industry in South Australia?

Check our coverage tool to see whether the type of work you are performing is eligible to be registered in the scheme. Information about unregistered service can be viewed here.

Working interstate?

If you are not recording service with this scheme because you are working interstate, and you have been registered with the portable long service leave scheme in that State or Territory within the above timeframe, your South Australian service days can be added onto the service days you have accrued interstate. Further information regarding interstate service can be viewed here