How to register as an employer

We administer a portable long service leave scheme for the South Australian construction industry.

In South Australia, full time, part-time and casual employees performing building, electrical or metal trades work predominantly on site are entitled to portable long service leave.

This means they don't have to work with the same employer for 10 years to be eligible for long service leave.

Employers of eligible workers are required by law to register with Portable Long Service Leave, lodge Employer Returns and pay a levy based on 2.00% of remuneration (excluding apprentices who are levy free).

We keep a record of your employee's service and pay them direct when they become entitled to long service leave at no further cost to you.

Please see our coverage tool to see if you are required to register.

If you do need to register, fill in the application form online. If you would like a Field Officer to visit to explain your obligations or assist you with registration, please contact us.