Levy Rate Reduction - The levy rate has been reduced to 2% from the January / February 2019 period

Unregistered Service

Think some service is missing? Don't leave it too late to follow up or you could miss out!

It's a good idea to check your service on a regular basis. We issue annual statements every year, but you don't need to wait to receive this. You can log into your account any time to check that all of your employers have registered you and to see the number of service days you've accrued.

If an employer has not registered you, check to see if the type of work is eligible for portable long service leave. 

If you think you should have been registered, you can have a chat with your employer about registration or complete a Request to Investigate Unregistered Service form

On the request form, you will need to provide information regarding your employer, period of employment, type of work you performed and also supply supporting documentation. 

Once we receive your request, we will confirm receipt and will contact you if we require any further information. We will then contact your employer.

We aim to complete investigations within twelve weeks, however depending upon the quality of information and documentation provided as well as the cooperation of your employer, this process can take longer.

Unfortunately we can't action unregistered service requests if your period of employment ended over five years ago. This is due to the difficulty in establishing whether there was a registration requirement due to record keeping obligations and limitation to our prosecutorial powers under the Act.