Working Director

Stay covered by making voluntary contributions towards your long service leave.

If you are the Working Director of a company and perform building, electrical or metal trades work in South Australia and you have accrued less than 10 years of full time service, you can continue accruing long service leave by making voluntary contributions.

How does the Working Director scheme work?

Six returns are issued each year for the following bi-monthly periods

  • January/February
  • March/April
  • May/June
  • July/August
  • September/October
  • November/December

If you would like to make a contribution for that period, you will need to log in to the Employer Portal to lodge the return. An invoice for payment will be generated upon lodgement.

For each invoice you pay, we credit you with the maximum number of service days in that two month period. If you pay all six invoices each year, you will be credited with 260 service days.

Payment of each invoice is completely voluntary, however naturally if you choose not to make payment you will not be credited with any service days for that period.

Upon request, invoices can be paid in advance until the end of the financial year.

What is the current contribution rate?

The contribution rate for the 2023-2024 year is $270.

Contributions will accrue interest at 6.00% per annum.

When should I register?

The sooner you register, the sooner you will be eligible to take long service leave! In order for your time as a Working Director to be added onto the service days accrued as an employee, you will need to register within the following timeframe.

Number of service days accruedTimeframe to register after ceasing as an employee
Less than 1,300 (equivalent to 5 years full time employment)2 years
More than 1,300 but less than 1,820 (between 5 years and 7 years full time employment)3 years
More than 1,820 but less than 2,600 (between 7 years and 10 years full time employment)No time limit (as if you have accrued 1,820 service days you are eligible to claim a pro-rata payment if you choose)
More than 2,600 (equivalent to 10 years full time employment)Not eligible to register

How do I register?

Register as a Working Director through the Worker Portal. If the company is not registered, you will also need to fill in an employer registration form online.