Whether you've worked for one company, or a few, you're entitled to the same long service leave benefits as employees in other industries.

Although a rewarding industry, construction can be tiring and stressful. Long service leave is your time to take a break, relax and recharge before returning to the industry.

So what exactly will you be entitled to?

Long service leave

Once you have accrued 2,600 service days (equivalent to 10 years full time employment) you will be eligible to take 13 weeks long service leave. We will let you know when this happens, but you can login anytime to see how close you are to taking that well deserved holiday!

While we encourage you to take a decent break, if this isn’t possible you can take your long service leave in minimum periods of 2 weeks.

Leaving the industry/becoming self-employed

If you have accrued more than 1,820 service days (equivalent to 7 years full time employment) and will not be performing building, electrical or metal work for a minimum period of 12 months (as an employee) you will be eligible to claim a pro-rata payment.  

This means you will be paid the monetary equivalent of the weeks of long service leave you have accrued at the time you cease employment. 

For further information about applying and how much you will be paid, please refer to making a claim.